Our Story

Transitional lingerie designed for day to night lifestyles -- to be worn as seen fit.

In early 2017, fed up with the idea of lingerie only symbolizing sexiness for intimate activities, being reserved for special occasions, and/or designed to be hidden, Designer & Founder Shiara Robinson decided it was time to shake things up.

LaSette, was designed with you in mind, to create your own storyline for lingerie. Wear to work for back to back meetings, mix, match and layer with your favorite pieces to create the perfect “meeting up for drinks” look, drop it like it’s hot at the club, or wear around the house. Designed for day to night lifestyles, inspired by my life in New York City over the past 8 years, and the sidewalk fashionista’s making any and everything work!

Born in NYC, Bred in LA, LaSette is for you.



Shiara Robinson, Founder